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Particle Barod, E0,E1 grade,
multilayer isotropic,enviroment-friendly
Medium/High Density Fibreboard, E0,E1 grade
DareGlobal – leader in the wood based panel industry
E0,E1 high quality panel only can be done by high-technology machine, DareGlobal introduced the equipment from Europe, base on this make some innovation by self, further more DareGlobal is using advanced management and service system, leading the wood based panel industry in China, DareGlobal is your reliable supplier of wood based panel.
Wood based panel standard
Currently in the international market, the formaldehyde emission was devided into 3 grades, that is: E2<30mg/100gE1<9mg/100gE0<5mg/100g, DareGlobal’s E0 panel even approved F☆☆☆☆ standard (0.3mg/L), it’s top enviroment-friendly products.

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